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The Seattle Times is a pioneer among news media organizations, creating innovative funding models for public-service journalism initiatives that improve our community. We are a national leader in developing community funding for high-impact journalism projects that tackle urgent community issues head-on and create change. Our in-depth, solutions-based reporting has changed public funding and policy and resulted in action at the highest levels of state government.


Seattle Times impact journalism initiatives investigate what is – and isn’t – working to address pervasive problems in our region and surface solutions. Explore current funded projects that are making an impact in our community.


The Seattle Times impact journalism initiative seeks community funders, strategic partners and personal champions of the free press to support and expand our work. Community funders, including nonprofits, corporations and philanthropic foundations, have supported this work with more than $10 million since 2013. Learn how you or your organization can support public service journalism that has a direct impact on our local community. Contact Kati Erwert, Senior Vice President of Product, Marketing and Public Service at



The Seattle Times recognizes community funders in print for their support.
See the latest list of donors.

The Seattle Times maintains editorial control over content produced with fund resources. Funders do not have any input into the reporting of stories or into any of the specific content that will be produced with fund resources. Funders are not aware of specific stories The Seattle Times newsroom is working on and do not review them before publication. Funders do not have special access to reporters, and readers know who our funders are. To learn more, contact Kati Erwert, Senior Vice President of Product, Marketing and Public Service at