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The Seattle Times is always innovating, creating new ways to share the uniquely local stories that impact our community. We serve the Pacific Northwest with engaging, accessible digital and print news experiences that inform and inspire, from quick and easily digestible breaking news updates to artfully curated newsletters. Our content, our platforms and our community programs reflect The Seattle Times’ longstanding commitment to public service.


The Seattle Times serves the Northwest with principled, quality, independent public-service journalism dedicated to the highest standards. We tell the uniquely local stories you won’t find anywhere else – stories that have been recognized nationally for their exceptional depth and impact.

The Winner of 11 Pulitzer Prizes

The Seattle Times is the winner of 11 Pulitzer Prizes, journalism’s highest honor, and has been a finalist on 14 other occasions since 1982. Explore our award-winning work.


More than 2.1 million adults in the Puget Sound turn to The Seattle Times each week for vetted news and information that is timely, relevant and easy to access in multi-platform experiences. From a robust, tactile Sunday morning tradition to fast-loading real-time updates and artfully curated multimedia immersion, learn about the many ways readers access our dynamic range of storytelling.


The Seattle Times is anchored in public service that improves our community. Our innovative public-service journalism initiatives spotlight possible solutions to pervasive problems in our region. Our long-term commitment to education and to raising funds for those in need is reflected in our community programs. The Seattle Times has a direct impact on our local community.

Impact journalism

The Seattle Times is a pioneer among news media organizations, developing community funding for journalism initiatives that tackle urgent community issues head-on and create change. Our in-depth, solutions-based reporting changes public policy and funding at the highest levels of state government.

Learn more about our community-funded initiatives.

Investigative Journalism Fund
Mental Health Project
Investigative Journalism Fund
Project Homeless
Education Lab
Local News Initiative
Traffic Lab

Community programs

The Fund for Those in Need
Newspapers in Education