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The Seattle Times enlightens, informs and engages with storytelling that is as dynamic and vibrant as our region. Our coverage directly impacts our local community and has changed public policy. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide principled, quality, public-service journalism and to continue to innovate to ensure the future of the local free press.


Meet the leadership team whose innovation, business acumen and technical savvy drive our mission and propel our news media organization into the future.

Frank A. Blethen Frank A. Blethen Publisher, CEO, Board Chair
Alan Fisco Alan Fisco President and Chief Financial Officer
Michele Matassa Flores Michele Matassa Flores Executive Editor
Kati Erwert Kati Erwert Senior Vice President, Product, Marketing and Public Service
Ryan Blethen Ryan Blethen Associate Publisher
Gary Smith Gary Smith Vice President, Advertising
Craig Eidem Craig Eidem Vice President of Information Technology
Kate Riley Kate Riley Editorial Page Editor