Local investigative journalism exposes injustice, fights corruption and rights wrongs.

The Seattle Times Investigative Journalism Fund, an initiative with Seattle Foundation, is collaborating with community funders and personal champions of the free press to ensure the future of local investigative journalism and protect and expand the ambitious, rigorously reported work that has a direct impact on our community.

Our goal is to build one of the largest local investigative teams in the nation to increase our ability to engage the public, call for accountability, and explore solutions to make a difference for the people of our region. Join us in supporting this important work.

“It's about holding powerful people accountable and it's about saving lives.”

Executive editor, The Seattle Times

Help ensure the future of investigative journalism in your local community.

Investigative reporting is the most essential journalism a news staff can do – and the most expensive. Support the Investigative Journalism Fund and protect the future of investigative journalism that has a direct impact on your local community.

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Donations to The Seattle Times Investigative Journalism Fund through Seattle Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. No goods or services are received in exchange for donations.

Changing lives and public policy

Seattle Times investigative journalism changes lives and public policy and has resulted in action at the highest levels of government. We have an established track record of digging deep to tackle urgent community issues head-on, surface viable solutions and create change that has a direct impact on our community. Seattle Times investigations have saved local lives from dangerous painkillers, protected vulnerable seniors from abuse, made airplanes safer, exposed double-booked surgeries at a local hospital and expedited FDA changes to help prevent birth defects, to name a few.

The Seattle Times difference

The Seattle Times is proud to be one of the few remaining independent, locally owned news media organizations in the U.S.; the most-visited digital information source in the state and the second-largest newspaper on the West Coast. A trusted local institution since 1896, The Seattle Times remains deeply rooted in public service and committed to serving the Northwest with principled, quality journalism. Rigorously reported, in-depth investigations have helped earn The Seattle Times 10 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization in the Northwest.

Thank you to our donors

Community support for public service journalism sends the message that a free press matters. Donor contributions help sustain and ensure the future of investigative journalism that has a direct impact on our shared community. Donor lists are updated monthly and include pledges to be distributed over multi-year periods. Thank you for your support.


Bernier McCaw Foundation

Jon and Bobbe Bridge

Connell Donor Fund

Jim and Birte Falconer

Kemper Development

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Charles and Yvonne Pigott

Raikes Foundation

Jim and Jan Sinegal

Bradford Smith


Tom Alberg and Judi Beck

Andre and Sally Alfred

Howard Behar

Tim and Joleen Burgess

Mary Snapp & Spencer Frazer

Anonymous (1)


Elliott D. Barnett

Gail Mason Brilling and Steve Brilling

Richard Buck and Susan Pelton

Steve and Georgene Camp

Karen Coe

Ian and Renee Colle

Charles Collins

Columbia Modern Living

Imelda and John Dulcich

Erin Farquhar and Kristi Waite

Stephan Feldman

Carol Finn

Mark Gitenstein

Sharon and Gary Greenwood

Carl R. Haglund

The KLEO Foundation

In honor of: Local Journalism

Elizabeth Martin

Peggy Monroe

Paul Nghiem and Stephanie Lee

Chris and BJ Ohlweiler

Danny O'Neil and Sharon Pian Chan

Greg and Sherre Piantanida

Julie A. Richmond Foundation

Rogers Weed

Ruth Williams

Tom and Kristi Weir

Anonymous (7)


Neil Aaland and Jody Ferguson

The Rev. Dr. Ellen Acton (PCUSA Ret)

Douglas Adams and Scott Fitzgerald

Julie Adams

Audra and Eric Adelberger

Cindy Aden

Ben Adlin

James Allison

Joaquin Alvarado

Jean Amick

David A. Anderson

In memory of: June Anderson Almquist

Sooz Appel

Thomas Auciello

Doug and Sharon Aukland

Jim Avery

Cheryl Bachmeier

Ann and John Backman

John Baisch

Mike Baker

Jacquelyn Bamman

Putnam Barber

Ronnie Bauch

Jacqui Banaszynski

Putnam Barber

Susan Barrows

Bartlett/Walker Charitable Fund

Loren Bast

Debbie Berto


Elena A. Bianco

Cindy Black

Robert and Connie Blair

Graeme and Cathryn Blake

Judith Blake

Van Bobbitt and Sharon Wilson

Robert and Georgia Bohm

Ann Boyd

Rob Braby

Myles Brady

Anne Brendler

Lynette Temkin Brodsky

Eric Richard Bronson

Jack Broom

Edward Broyles

In honor of: Heidi Bullinga

Bob and Carolyn Burnham

Thomas J. Caldarola, M.D.

Janet Callis

Eugene Carlson

Dave Carlstrom

Linda Chapman


In memory of: Judy Clark

Duffy Clarke

Kelsey S. Cochran

Jessica Coffman

Randy Collins

Margaret Comstock

Molly Connelly

Cecile M. Cooper and Cora Lawrence

The Cooper/Kroon Family

Nancy Costlow

Susan Craighead

Lynette Cronin

Toni Cross

Jenny and Richard Cummins

M.F. Curtis

Barbara Daum

Juliette Delfs

Fernando Diaz

In memory of: Spencer Dillon

Mort Dingle

Jennifer Divine and Laureen France

Martin Dreisbach

Kim Drury

Michael Dryja

Wives Dixon
In honor of: Brier Dudley

George Erb and Mavis Amundson

Emily Ericsen

Eric and Lenor


In honor of: David Fahrenthold, Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, The Washington Post

David Fahrenthold, Seattle Times Intern Class of 1998

Nancy J. Fallgren

Henry Farber

Rollin Fatland

Steve Faust

Richard Feinbloom

Brian Feinstein

Jai Ferguson

Carolynn E. Ferris

Will Fohrell

Lorna Follis

Mark Foltz

In honor of: John A. Forssen

Teri Fox

Thomas Fox

Dorothy Frisch

Jessica Fu

Judy Fussell

Marilee Fuller

Andy Fulton

Kyle J. Gagnon

Paul Gates

Jon Gelsey

Stuart Grant Gerger

Anne Gillies

Karan Goel

Harley Goldberg

Seth Goldberg

Dick and Carol Goodall

Palamalai Gopalakrishnan

Sherri Goulet

The Gordons

Laura Graham

Lisa Graham

Verena and Basil Grieco

Kamuron Gurol

Bob Hallowell

Marga Rose Hancock

Colleen Hardy

Anne C. Harper

Thom Harrington and Stewart Wong

Brad Harwood

Linda and Roger Haskin

Mike Haucke

In honor of: Clayton Hay

In honor of: Healthcare personnel on frontlines

Sonia Hearsey

Deena and Chris Heg

Dr. Mark Hehnen

Daniel F. Heldring

Nancy E. Helm

Peter Hendrickson

Cathy Henkel

Anne Herbert

Kim and Shai Herzog

Pete Higgins

Jo and Dwayne Hinman

Mardie Holden

Mary Hollen

Connie Holloway

Nancy and Hoover Hopkins

Tim Hossner

Mary Hotchkiss

Carol A. Howe

Shaun Hubbard

Joan Hudson

Richard Huffman

David Huls

Lanita Hyatt

In memory of: The Issaquah Press

Nancy H. Jacques

Marvin Jahnke

John and Katherine James Schuitemaker

Kevin and Judith Jewell

Kathleen Barry Johnson and Mark Johnson

Sandra L. Johnson

Calvin Jones

In honor of: Journalistic Integrity

In honor of: Journalists

In honor of: Journalists everywhere searching out the truth

Rishi Jaggernauth

H. David Kaplan

Doug Kimball

K. Kirking

In memory of: Paul Kish

Brenda Knudson

Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Matt Kreamer

Christa and Laurie Kriesel-Roth

Diana L. Kruis

Margaret J Lake

Jennifer K. Larsen

Chris Lawson

Mardi Leslie

Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck

Richard Leyman

John Lindley

Laura Lipton

Jeffrey Litvak

In honor of: Local journalism

John M. Lowe

In honor of: Lynda Mapes

John and Sally Macdonald

Calder and Susan Mackay

Larry Macmillan

Karen Maneman

In honor of: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Christopher and Alandra Martin

In honor of: Brandon and Jo Masterson

Robert McClure and Sally Deneen

Linda McDaniels

Stuart McFeely

Geoff McGhee

Jordan McKenna

Marilyn McKenna

Jeanne McKinnon

Marty McLaren

Mary H. McLaughlin

In honor of: Joe and Pat Messinger Family

Patty Michaud

Scott Miles

Paul Ming

In memory of: John D. Molleson

In honor of: Douglas F. Moore

Gilbert Moore

Mike and Kathy Murray

Eric and Jan Nalder

Nectar Communications

Ann and Marshall Nelson

Sally Nelson

Ruben Nieto

Barbara and David Nordfors

Okuno Consulting

Walker Orenstein

Linda Oswald

David Paige

Eric and Shari Papczun

David and Allison Patton

Paul and Sara

Thomas Payne, MD

Kathryn Pearson

Don and Lisa Percival

Virginia Pellegrino and Brad Huskinson

Elizabeth Person

Sylvia Pollack and Molly McGee

Kelly Priestley

Carol Pucci

David R. Randin

Karen Rautenberg

Susanna Ray and Patrick McNelly

Bob Raymond and Dorothy Downes

Michael C. Redman

Tammy Regimbal

In honor of: Reporters

Rochelle Robison

S.X. Rosenstock

Tim Ryan

Connie Saari

Andres Salomon

The Sanger Family

Lisa Sawyer

David Schaefer and Patricia Moriarty

The Schnautz Family

Delia Scholes

Rosalind Schoof

Russell Sciandra

Lawrence and Barbara Sciortino

Melissa Self

Taylor Seidel

Steve Selter

Greg Shaw and Anna Mastroianni

Kimberly Shaw

Patricia Sheffels

Christina Shih

Dianne Shiner

Pat Siggs

Barney Singer

Tyler Sipe

Derek Leon Smith

Randy Smith and Sharon Metcalf

Nickolas Southerland

Eric and Arlene Spencer

Carla A. Stadler

Betsey Stahler

Susan Stearns

Eric Strandberg

Pam Stucky

Lesley Sullivan

Susa Family

Stephen Swann

Anna Swenson

In honor of: Tahlequah

Ann Tamminen

Laurie Tangney

Ryan Tansey

David and Glenda Tecklenburg

Daniele Terdina

In honor of: The Seattle Times COVID 19 Journalism Team

Zach Thomas and Jim West

Diane Thompson

Audrey Timpe

Rachel Tougher

Di Townsan

Dave Trop

Laura Lancaster Tycaster

A. Uhrich

Eric Urban

Margo Vansynghel and Cory Potts

Kristiina and Dan Vogt


Amy Waeschle

Katherine A. Wagner

Janet Wainwright

Brady Walkinshaw

Dr. Deane Wang

Rogers Weed

Karen Weise

Gary Westcott

Blair M. Westlake

Allan Weydahl

Brooke and Josh Williams

Christopher Wilson

Fred Wilson

Cathy Wissink

Jessica Woan

Jackie Wolfe

Chelsea Wolk

Celia Wu

Rebecca Wynsome

Melissa Yeager

Constance and Richard Youel

Billie Young


Zhangjianzhong (张建中)

Robi Zocher

Pamela and Gerard Zytnicki

Anonymous (109)

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