Seattle Times editorial board endorses Hillary Clinton for president

For Immediate Release — Oct. 7, 2016
Lindsay Taylor, Consumer Marketing Manager

The Seattle Times editorial board has endorsed Hillary Clinton in her bid to become president. Given her opponent’s behavior and positions, the editorial argues Clinton has the experience, skills and temperament to be president.

The editorial was published online Friday morning and will appear in the Sunday Seattle Times.

Clinton, the Democratic Party’s nominee, is the only choice, the editorial argues, comparing the candidates across issues, ranging from immigration to trade to other foreign policy.  Republican Donald J. Trump is unqualified.

“Clinton indisputably brings a superior understanding of America’s challenges, opportunities and role in building prosperity and stability around the world,” the editorial reads. “Trump’s naive threats to erect trade barriers and reevaluate cornerstone defense alliances in Europe and Asia are already rattling allies and trading partners.”

“The editorial board members have watched Trump’s campaign unfold with considerable concern for what it means not only to our country, but the region and civil discourse,” said editorial page editor Kate Riley. “Last November, we called Trump out for his xenophobia, dishonesty and demagoguery in an editorial titled, ‘Donald Trump’s creeping fascism needs to be rejected.’"

“In the 10 months since, Trump has only further disappointed in both style and substance,” Riley said.

Though Hillary Clinton was not the editorial board’s first choice, she clearly is now the only choice.­ ­(The board previously recommended Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side and John Kasich ­for the GOP.)

The editorial argues that America’s future will be much brighter with a President Clinton:

“America will face many challenges at home and abroad over the next four years. Still, its overall success and world leadership will continue — if Trump is not elected.”