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  • Education reporter Claudia Rowe talks about murder, her book on KUOW

  • Jeannie Yandel speaks with Seattle Times reporter Claudia Rowe about her new book, "The Spider and the Fly." Before Seattle Times reporter Claudia Rowe moved here, she was living in Poughkeepsie, New York where  in 1996 women started to disappear. These women had worked as prostitutes, and they had all all reported a man named Kendall Francois to the police for sexual assault, beating, choking. In 1998, Francois was finally arrested. After Francois was taken into custody, Rowe drove to that house. And as she sat out front, she kept thinking something she couldn't shake: This story would change her life forever.more

  • Reporter Claudia Rowe on WBUR about covering murder, her book

  • Rowe writes of the disturbing relationship she developed with Francois, and how her years delving into his life helped her resolve her own issues and move on. Rowe (@RoweReport) joins Here & Now's Robin Young to discuss the story that eventually became the novel "The Spider and the Fly."more

  • Environment reporter Lynda Mapes talks Trump’s executive order, Dakota Access Pipeline on WBUR

  • Yesterday, as one of his first ten executive actions, President Trump made good on one of his campaign promises and signed actions that reopen the way for approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. The oil industry and its supporters are cheering the move. Opponents – environmentalists, Native Americans, landowners, many who fought to block construction of the pipelines – say they will continue to fight. Seattle Times' Lynda Mapes and Sierra Club's Michael Brune explore the meaning of the order on WBUR.more