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  • Reporter Mike Baker talks about the Swedish investigation on Q13 FOX

  • Today on Q13 Fox News This Morning investigative reporter Mike Baker pulled back the curtain on work behind the Swedish Cherry-Hill neurosurgery investigation. The Times investigation detailed a dramatic rise in surgeries since 2013 and a commensurate rise in surgeons leaving integral work for fellows and assistants to perform. Q13 follows up with Baker to ask some pressing questions about consent, financial incentives, the resignation of the Swedish CEO and the scarcity of long-term investigations in today's journalism world.more

  • Education reporter Claudia Rowe talks about murder, her book on KUOW

  • Jeannie Yandel speaks with Seattle Times reporter Claudia Rowe about her new book, "The Spider and the Fly." Before Seattle Times reporter Claudia Rowe moved here, she was living in Poughkeepsie, New York where  in 1996 women started to disappear. These women had worked as prostitutes, and they had all all reported a man named Kendall Francois to the police for sexual assault, beating, choking. In 1998, Francois was finally arrested. After Francois was taken into custody, Rowe drove to that house. And as she sat out front, she kept thinking something she couldn't shake: This story would change her life forever.more