Masterpieces made out of newsprint

For Immediate Release — Nov. 5, 2014
Lindsay Taylor, Consumer Marketing Manager

SEATTLE - The headline reports - "It's a wrap". But, that's after readers crumpled, folded, cut-up and got creative with their Seattle Times.

"We just wanted people to make things out of scratch, just using newsprint. We didn't give them any requirements, they could come up with whatever they wanted and I think that really showed," said Melissa Davis and Page Collins from the Seattle Times.

Davis and Collins are impressed with the range of entries received in their "Make A Masterpiece Out of Newsprint Contest."

"Yes, we had many dresses made from various parts of the newspaper," said Davis.

Flowers were in the fold, too, along with masks, quilts, a giant tin man, even a video . But, it was the work of teenagers that won over a panel of judges.

Fifteen year old, runner-up, Annie Harris got down to details with a diorama of a Seattle Times bathroom reader.

Davis explained, "She cut different strips for wallpaper, she made a little hand towel."

Also, recognized as a runner-up is a wearable dress designed by eighth-grader Anya Davis.

"She had folded little tiny rosettes to cover the front of the desk and the skirt she had stiffened it a little so it somehow flipped," said Melissa Davis.

From all the entries it is sixteen-year-old Esther Choi who pieced together the grand prize winner. It's a dress ripped from the headlines with more than 100 origami squares of newspaper.

"If it were cloth, it would be an Oscar gown," said Davis. "It was like 'oh my gosh', and it was the first dress she had ever made.

Collins added, she just created a masterpiece her first try."

You can check out the winners and more entries at the Seattle Times.