Columbia Journalism Review recognizes The Seattle Times as 2015 best journalism of the year

For Immediate Release — Dec. 10, 2015
Lindsay Taylor, Consumer Marketing Manager

On December 8, Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) selected the 2015 recipients for their annual list of best and worst journalism of the year.

“It’s been a standout year for journalism,” wrote David Uberti and recognized The Seattle Times’ and Center for Public Integrity’s joint investigation series that helps protect vulnerable mobile-home buyers. The series explored the mobile-home industry’s biggest manufacturer and lender, part of Berkshire Hathaway, led by fabled investor Warren Buffett. According to CJR:

Buffett was forced to defend the firm from charges of predatory sales and lending practices at a shareholders’ meeting in May, later conceding that its customers’ default rate could be much higher than previously reported. The Times-CPI project was referenced as Congress debated new regulations for the mobile home industry—a refreshing reminder that a local newspaper, backed with nonprofit firepower, can still drive national discussion.

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