Take a look behind the scenes at The Seattle Times, and meet the people who bring you the news. Every day, we’re innovating, investigating and delving deep into the issues that matter to our community. The stories that create change, for a city that’s always changing.

Telling the stories that make a difference and create community

Go behind the scenes with the people who bring you the news. Publisher Frank A. Blethen kicks off our video series with an inside look at the people and pulse behind our public service journalism.
Getting to the heart of the story
investigative reporter
Mike’s investigations dig deep to hold those in power accountable and create change for our community. Rigorous reporting requires months of research to get all the details right.
Football as a microcosm of society
sports reporter
Stefanie’s coverage of the WSU Cougars and the Seahawks has made her Washington State Sportswriter of the Year. She shares her love for football and the stories behind each game – and what they mean for our society.
Searching for solutions to our region’s homelessness
Project Homeless reporter
Vernal Coleman investigates one of the moral challenges of our time: what our region is – and isn’t – doing to address homelessness.

"We are serving our readers in different and better ways to perpetuate our mission of being the voice, the beacon, the source that people go to when they really want to know what’s going on."

Alan Fisco president & CFO
Food and restaurant coverage you can sink your teeth into
food writer
Bethany may just have the best job ever: She gets paid to eat and write about Seattle’s thriving food scene, trends and people. Get a taste of how food brings us all together.
Financial systems that add up to happy customers
revenue and customer accounting manager
Matt’s team works behind the scenes to make billing as simple and seamless as possible – for our subscribers, for our advertisers and for our company.
Visual storytelling that adds dimension to news
news graphic artist
Emily draws readers into a story with visuals that make complex data accessible and easy to understand. Her art adds depth and dimension to news, to help readers learn something new.
Getting customers their news, where and when they want it
customer service manager
Getting the paper delivered every day is called a “daily miracle” because of all the moving parts. Tamara makes miracles every day, keeping everything on track and keeping readers happy.
The man behind the numbers
FYI Guy columnist
Gene digs into the data to reveal surprising stories about Seattle, who we are, how we live and what makes us tick. Learn fun new facts about our city, no matter how long you’ve lived here.
Capturing meaningful moments
Bettina captures Seattle’s constant evolution in real time. Her camera takes us behind the scenes of Seahawks games, and up close with local members of our community for the personal moments that make us who we are.

"We’re going to tell the stories that matter, the stories that make a difference and the stories that create community."

Frank A. Blethen publisher
Keeping up with technology
technology reporter
Rachel keeps readers in the know about the latest innovations at Microsoft, the people behind them and how it all impacts our ever-changing world.
Holding public officials accountable
editorial writer/opinion columnist
Brier keeps track of local politicians’ promises and holds them accountable. He writes to inform the public, demystify policy and ultimately, make Seattle a better place to live.
Advertising solutions that connect businesses and audiences
senior sales director
Amber leads a team of digital marketing experts whose business intelligence and technology deliver results, boost sales and attract new customers on seattletimes.com and our extended network beyond.