Diversity guidelines

The Seattle Times strives for fairness, depth and balance and guards against bias – conscious or unconscious, real or perceived – in all facets of its news coverage. This effort for diverse and honest coverage is at the core of The Seattle Times’ commitment to excellence.

Bias can present itself in everything from beat structure to headlines and cutlines to assignments, choice of sources, story and photo approach, play and organization. Bias can blind journalists to a full understanding of a subject and rob readers of important information.

Because The Seattle Times recognizes journalists bring an array of opinions and experiences to subjects, it relies upon established tools and safeguards against bias, among them maintaining a diverse staff, the use of multiple sources, multiple layers of editing to help ensure a complete report, and consistent staff training and education.

The most important safeguard, however, is a journalist’s humility before a subject and an understanding that no one person or entity holds the truth.

One of our missions is to make our storytelling and our newsroom inclusive on issues of race, gender, age and more.

Diversity is also a critical consideration when selecting wire stories, as there will be national stories of interest that The Times doesn’t write about.

The Times strives to create and maintain a working atmosphere where staffers can feel comfortable raising concerns about coverage they view as biased or otherwise offensive.

Diversity Guidelines