Acceptable Use and Licensing of The Seattle Times Content, Opinions, and Endorsements by Political/Advocacy Campaigns and Candidates

The content of The Seattle Times, including its opinions and the endorsements of candidates and issues by the Times editorial board, is protected by copyright and trademark and is the exclusive property of The Times. We must control the use of that content to protect our copyright, to insure that readers and voters accurately understand our editorial opinions, and to maintain our credibility as an independent and impartial news organization.

The Seattle Times understands the desire of candidates and campaigns to use The Times’ endorsements and other supporting information in their political material. We permit and encourage such use, subject to the following guidelines:

    1. In all cases, facts and information must be presented accurately and in a way that does not create a false impression or misrepresent The Times’ positions, opinions, or endorsements of candidates or issues.

    2. Candidates and campaigns may state simply that they have been endorsed by The Seattle Times, listing the date the endorsement by the Times Editorial Board appeared. References to The Times endorsements from previous campaigns or material that is favorable to a candidate or ballot measure, where the candidate or ballot measure has not received the current endorsement of the editorial board, may not be used unless that fact is clearly stated.

    3. References to facts reported by The Times and quotation of brief phrases that fairly and accurately convey The Times’ position or opinion are permitted.

      All other uses of material from The Seattle Times require The Times’ consent as to both the amount of material and the context. This includes, for example, material from previous news coverage or editorials unrelated to the current campaign, or Times commentary about an opponent or opposing position, as well as current news and editorial coverage. (For approval contact

    4. Under no circumstances, unless expressly licensed by The Seattle Times, may The Times’ logo, masthead, or actual page copy or illustrations be reproduced or imitated in advertising material. Material must be presented in a distinctly different typeface for both headlines and text.

    5. For information on licensing fees and conditions, contact In most cases, fees will be waived when used in an approved Seattle Times Company publication or product.
Permission to use any material from The Seattle Times is conditioned upon strict compliance with these guidelines. Failure to comply may result in withdrawal of The Times’ permission and may in some cases constitute copyright and trademark infringement or actionable misrepresentation.